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Never Sleep With Strangers

Heather Pozzessere

She almost looked as if she slept, except… The trident had pierced through her. And the snow-white gown was turning ever more crimson. Four years ago, while vacationing at their country estate in Scotland, Jon Stuart watched his wife plummet from the balcony to a horrific death. Although cleared of any involvement, he’s endured years of public suspicion–losing friends and his good standing in the community.But this was no accident, and now he’s determined to prove it was murder. Orchestrating a dangerous plan, Jon has gathered the prime suspects at the scene of the crime. The stage is set as past and present collide, old lovers reunite…and a killer plots another perfect crime.

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Рубрики: Зарубежные детективы, Зарубежные приключения, Приключения: прочее, Современная зарубежная литература

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