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Sundays Are for Murder

A serial killer who strikes on Sundays is back in business, and workaholic FBI agent Charlotte «Charly» Dow will do anything to catch him. For Charly, the investigation is personal. Her sister was one of the victims murdered during the psychopath’s vicious killing spree. The tragedy destroyed Charly’s family…even sending her mother into a mental institution.Now Charly has a new partner–agent Nick Marshall, who is just as reluctant as she is when it comes to trusting other people. Nick has his own problems. He’s emotionally detached and has enough skeletons in his closet to keep him from sleeping at night. However, investigating the serial killer keeps him plenty occupied, and Charly herself is fast turning into a compelling distraction.But bodies keep showing up–and someone knows Nick has a secret….

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Рубрики: Современная зарубежная литература, Современные любовные романы

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