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Too Close for Comfort

Rescued by a bone-meltingly handsome stranger!After a run-in with a Californian con-man, Scottish Iona MacCabe has no money and nowhere to go. She quickly discovers LA can be a very unfriendly city without tons of hard cash… Millionaire security expert Zane Montoya can hardly leave a pretty Scottish tourist at a dodgy motel to fend for herself. His long-lost chivalrous side takes over: he turns on the legendary Montoya charm and whisks Iona away to upscale Monterey.Independent, wilful Iona might be spitting daggers at being rescued, but that doesn’t stop the sexual heat between them reaching scorching point! Zane’s used to keeping all his women at arm’s length, and Iona’s way too close for comfort – but Zane only realises his long-held emotional detachment is at risk once it’s too late…‘My favourite author, Heidi captures the imagination like no other!’ – Charlotte, 40, Finance Manager

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Рубрики: Современная зарубежная литература, Современные любовные романы

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