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Sarah Morgan Summer Collection

Seven scorching summer stories from Sarah MorganHave you heard? The place to be this summer is in love!This summer the gossip mill is running overtime – love is most definitely in the air…Poor Evanna has been infatuated with her boss forever – to him she’s just part of the furniture. Rumour has it this summer she’s decided to get noticed!Kyla has other, more pressing distractions – the new gorgeous doctor! Dr Ethan sticks out in the picture-perfect island like a very handsome sore thumb.Flora’s summer is simple: Avoid kissing Conner MacNeil. (He may be gorgeous, back in town and single…but he snogged everyone except her at school!)Newly divorced Jenna’s summer is a little more complex…she has a daughter to think of and is not ready to get back into a relationship – even if the man is a sex god!Practical Katy’s on the verge of marrying a man she knows isn’t The One. Will she go through with it?Free-spirited Libby refuses to be tied down but a gorgeous Greek is determined to change her mind.Paparazzi-magnet Alex might just be in over his head this summer.Secrets, scandal and more than a little flirtation! Ripples are running through the tranquil waters of Glenmore, Seville, Greece and Cornwall. It’s going to be a summer to remember!

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Рубрики: Зарубежные любовные романы

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