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Her Necessary Husband

From Housekeeper…To Honeymooner?If someone had told Jenna Lorenzo that she’d be floating down the aisle to wed the biggest catch in Harmony–after applying for a position as Ross Hayward’s housekeeper, no less–she’d have laughed her head off! But here she was…adorned in an antique wedding gown, shielding a scandalous past, moments away from pledging her heart to the high-powered family man who’d once had a starring role in her adolescent fantasies. Exchanging breathtaking vows with Ross was a fairy-tale dream come true…except for one thing. He was–sigh!–only in it for convenience’ sake. What’s a hopelessly smitten Cinderella bride to do? Make her dashing groom fall head over heels in love, that’s what!Welcome to Harmony: A little town with lots of surprises!

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Рубрики: Современная зарубежная литература, Современные любовные романы

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